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Things You Should Consider Before Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma

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When a huge truck collides with a car, the impact forces are enormous. Usually, the car is totaled, and the passengers are killed or critically injured. A collision with a huge vehicle (Truck) harmed more than 86,000 people in 2021. Many of them will require medical attention for the rest of their lives. We have a track record of holding firms accountable when they endanger drivers on Oklahoma highways. Dakota Low has been successful in obtaining multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments that aid victims and force trucking companies to prioritize safety before profit.

You are not alone if you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident. Our highly competent semi-truck accident lawyers at The Law Office of Dakota C. Low will fight for the rights of truck accident victims in Oklahoma and around the country. We will not stop until our clients receive the recompense they are entitled to.

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Contact The Law Office of Dakota C. Low right away if you’ve been in a truck accident in Oklahoma. We can send you to a doctor who will treat you properly and keep accurate documents for your truck accident lawsuit. (Some primary care doctors have a policy of not testifying in court.) Contact our tractor-trailer accident lawyers if your truck accident occurred some time ago and you’ve already received treatment. We can assist you in gathering all of the medical records required to initiate a truck accident lawsuit.

You’ll need legal papers, such as petitions, summonses, or complaints, to file a semi-truck accident case in Oklahoma. The Law Office of Dakota C. Low can assist you with this. We can also assist you with obtaining life insurance documentation, loans to offset lost income, and other services if a loved one was killed in a truck accident.

At The Law Office of Dakota C. Low, we’ve assembled a team that comprises some of Oklahoma City’s best semi-truck accident lawyers, all of whom are experienced in dealing with tractor-trailer accidents. We work relentlessly on behalf of our clients to ensure that they are not further harmed by the trucking company or its insurer. We look for the cause of the accident and, if necessary, enlist the assistance of nationally known experts in our inquiry. We will not stop until our clients receive the recompense they are entitled to.

When dealing with a trucking firm, there are a few things to keep in mind.

After being hurt by a tractor-trailer, the best thing you can do is hire an expert legal team to represent you. If you’re involved in a semi-truck accident, you should be aware that you’re not dealing with an equal playing field when dealing with a trucking firm. When one of their semi-trucks collides with an automobile, they immediately try to minimize the victim’s claim. That is why you need to choose the best truck accident lawyers in Oklahoma to represent you.

What happens in the aftermath of a semi-truck collision?

The truck driver immediately contacts the dispatcher following the semi-truck accident. Typically, the dispatcher will contact the “risk manager” of the trucking business. The risk manager assesses the situation promptly and devises strategies to keep the trucking firm from incurring excessive financial losses as a result of the accident. Then, regardless of the hour, a call is placed to a “rapid-response team” led by an Oklahoma defense attorney. The trucking company’s investigator and defense lawyer will frequently arrive at the accident scene before the debris has been cleaned.

Why should you hire a truck accident lawyer in Oklahoma?

Only you and your attorneys are looking out for your best interests. That is why it is critical to contact us as soon as possible following your semi-truck collision. Our knowledgeable Oklahoma truck accident attorneys will:

  • Gather key evidence, such as witness testimony and important information concerning the accident, the qualifications of the truck driver, and so on.
  • Investigate and photograph the truck accident scene.
  • Determine who is responsible for the accident: the driver, the transportation business, or the components manufacturer.
  • Compute your overall losses and damages.
  • Determine which insurance companies are involved and call them.
  • Reach an acceptable agreement.

After his wife was fatally injured in an accident caused by a tractor-trailer near Tulsa, Oklahoma, we recently assisted a retiree in recovering $4,250,000 in damages. Our client was also hurt, and the trucking firm and its insurance company only offered him $250,000 for his injuries and the loss of his wife. The disparity between the initial offer and the final award demonstrates how hard freight companies work to keep payouts to shipping accident victims to a minimum. That is why you require the greatest lawyer available.

The trucking business will attempt to reduce the amount of compensation you may receive as a result of your accident from the start. It doesn’t matter how severe your injuries are. Even local police may not be able to save all of the evidence you’ll need at trial.

At The Law Office of Dakota C. Low, we are committed to obtaining the evidence you require for your case. One of our attorneys, for example, went to the scene of a car accident, combed the area, and discovered a discarded receipt that solved the case and helped us win the truck accident lawsuit.

Our truck accident lawyers in Oklahoma City can locate and preserve crucial evidence for your case, but they aren’t alone. To help you establish the strongest case possible, The Law Office of Dakota C. Low can bring in professional investigators such as human factors experts, doctors, and cellular phone experts.

The Law Office of Dakota C. Low is well-versed in what to look for and what to request.

It’s difficult to go up against such large corporations on your own. Dakota Low’s truck accident attorneys will ensure that trucking companies do not harass or exploit you.

What are the most typical factors that lead to semi-truck collisions?

A semi-truck accident, like automotive accidents, can have a variety of causes. However, the types of truck accidents that are most likely to result in compensation are those caused by driver mistake or negligence on the part of the trucking firm. Here are some scenarios in which a truck driver or a trucking firm could be held liable for a collision:

  • The truck driver was either distracted or paying attention. Music, food, GPS systems, cell phones, and CB radio are all examples of driver distractions. To assess whether cell phone or CB radio use was a factor in your accident, our semi-truck accident lawyers will use phone logs and witness testimony.
  • Tractor-trailer received poor or inadequate mechanical maintenance and/or inspection. Semi-trucks require routine mechanical maintenance performed by a professional and are legally required to undergo annual inspections. If your accident occurred because a trucking company tried cutting corners on maintenance or inspection, our tractor-trailer accident attorneys can hold them accountable.
  • The truck driver was in a state of exhaustion. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to work long, demanding hours. This often leads to driver exhaustion and fatigue, which can result in poor judgment and an increased risk of accidents.
  • Trucking company used negligent hiring practices and/or failed to provide proper training. Trucking companies are supposed to properly screen prospective drivers before hiring. They must also train new semi-truck drivers on company policies and safety procedures. If they fail to run a background check or validate a driver’s credentials, or fail to provide proper training, the trucking company may be at fault when the driver gets in a collision.
  • Trailer or flatbed was overloaded. Truck manufacturers determine the maximum amount of weight each truck can pull, known as its towing capacity. Exceeding a semi-truck’s towing capacity can cause brake problems, tire blowouts, and other roadway hazards. 
  • Driver wasn’t following basic traffic safety. Semi-truck drivers may speed in an attempt to cut down on travel time and make some extra money. They may also tailgate other vehicles or neglect to use turn signals. Tractor-trailers that fail to follow basic traffic laws are a danger to everyone on the road.
  • Truck driver was unfamiliar with roads. Although some semi-truck drivers are assigned the same route every shift, others may have to regularly travel new routes. If they’re not familiar with the roads in a given area, a collision may be more likely to occur.
  • The truck driver was tired or fell asleep while driving

Driver fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents in the United States, contributing to 13% of all commercial motor vehicle collisions. There are federal laws in place, known as hours of service (HOS) regulations, that are meant to limit instances of driver fatigue. But despite these rules, many drivers still end up getting tired or falling asleep on the job.

Many factors can lead to driver fatigue:

  • Long shifts that extend throughout the night
  • Frequently changing work schedules
  • Not stopping for breaks, especially on dull routes
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as a poor diet or drug use
  • Sleeping disorders, such as sleep apnea
  • Performing physically demanding tasks, like loading and unloading cargo
  • Pressure from trucking companies to ignore hours of service regulations

The trucking company didn’t train or hire safe drivers

It’s up to the trucking companies to make sure that the drivers they hire are qualified for the job and trained in company policies. This involves performing background checks, pulling criminal records, and carefully reviewing a driver’s experience and credentials. Trucking companies should also be monitoring driving logs in order to ensure that drivers are acting safely and following federal guidelines.

Operating a tractor-trailer is a high-stakes job that requires a lot of specialized knowledge and skill. Trucking companies that fail to recognize this and try to cut corners during hiring and training can be held liable in the event of an accident. If you believe trucking company negligence played a role in your semi-truck collision, our Oklahoma truck accident lawyers have the tools and resources to prove it.

Who can be held liable in a truck accident?

Depending on what happened in your truck accident, there are several parties that may be held liable for your damages:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • Insurance companies
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Cargo companies

It often takes a lot of research and investigation to determine who’s responsible for a truck accident. Getting help from a legal professional can relieve you of that burden. The Oklahoma truck accident lawyers at The Law Office of Dakota C. Low know the process and will work to get you compensation from those who are responsible.

What compensation can I get from a truck accident lawsuit in Oklahoma?

You may be entitled to recover the following if you’re injured in a semi-truck accident in Oklahoma:

  • Cash awards
  • Property damages
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and surgery fees
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Mental suffering and psychological trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Some people are lucky enough to walk away from a car accident with minor injuries or no injuries at all. Not so often with semi-truck accidents. These vehicles weigh 10,000 pounds or more. An accident involving a tractor-trailer typically results in very serious injuries — and larger settlements than you might get after a car accident.

Working with The Law Office of Dakota C. Low

Honesty, hard work, and compassion — those are the values that guide us at The Law Office of Dakota C. Low. We strive to provide the best legal representation to truck accident victims in Oklahoma and across the nation. We pledge to keep victims’ best interests in mind and make the legal process as painless as possible for them and their families. Even though your wreck or truck accident lawsuit may happen in another state, our Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys will handle your case as if you were a next-door neighbor. Our founder and senior partner, Noble McIntyre, is always just one phone call away.

Do you have a case for a truck accident lawsuit in Oklahoma?

If you’ve suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one from a truck accident in Oklahoma, you may be eligible to file a truck accident lawsuit. Calling our big-truck accident lawyers to find out won’t take much time and won’t cost anything. The Law Office of Dakota C. Low works on a contingency fee basis, so we don’t get paid unless you do. That means we won’t charge you or waste your time if you can’t win. If we take your case, we’ll work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

What is a contingency fee?

Lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis agree to accept a fixed percentage of any settlement or award from your truck accident lawsuit to cover their legal fees. If there are no rewards from your truck accident case, you don’t owe a cent. We only get paid if you do.

Oklahoma’s Statute of Limitations for a Truck Accident Lawsuit

If you’re involved in a collision with a large truck in Oklahoma, you have a limited amount of time from the day of the accident to file a claim. In most states, it’s at least a year. Most truck accident cases must be filed in Oklahoma within two years of the day of the accident.

But you should start the process of getting compensation for your injuries as soon as possible. Every day that goes by, evidence could be destroyed, and the pain and suffering you feel changes. Contact our semi-truck accident attorneys as soon as possible to file your claim.

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