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Have you been in a moped or scooter accident? When Should You file suit for Injuries?

Though the average American has traditionally relied on personal vehicles or public transportation to get around, mopeds and scooters have grown in popularity. This growth in popularity is especially noticeable in larger cities, where these electric or gas-powered bikes can cover a significant distance while consuming very little fuel.

Mopeds and scooters, unfortunately, are much smaller than a regular automobile creating serious vulnerability. Riders and drivers of mopeds and scooters are more likely to be involved in serious accidents as a result of this unique vulnerability issue.

If you're in a moped or scooter accident, what should you do? Is it possible to file a personal injury claim for a scooter accident?

Begin by filing a claim with your insurance company.

If you want to pursue a moped or scooter accident case, or even a personal injury lawsuit as a result of a moped or scooter accident, you should first make an insurance claim. Though liability insurance for mopeds and scooters is not required in many jurisdictions, you must make a claim if you have it. Your insurance may cover your injuries as well as the damage to your moped or scooter in some situations. However, insurance rarely covers lost pay if you are unable to work as a result of your accident.

You may need to file a claim with the other vehicle’s driver’s insurance company if you live in a state where moped or scooter insurance is not required.

Identifying Fault

Though it’s natural to think that the larger vehicle is to blame, it may not always the case. You are at blame if you were riding your moped and collided with a parked car. As a result, you would not be able to file a lawsuit against the other car owner using this method.

Both drivers may be held responsible in several places. This is known as contributory negligence, and injured parties may not be able to recover damages if they are found to be at fault for even a tiny portion of the incident.

If you believe the other motorist is at fault for whatever reason, you might want to consider a lawsuit against them.

Promptly file your lawsuit

The next step will be to file the case after receiving medical attention and making any insurance claims. There are different statutes of limitations in each state, so make sure you don’t lose any opportunities to file a claim. The statutes of limitation for civil charges vary depending on the type of accusation. In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two calendar years from the date of the injury.

Regardless of where you are, seeing a scooter accident attorney to discuss your situation and understand your alternatives is the best method. Oklahoma Scooter Injury Lawyer team at Dakota Low can assist you understand your chances of winning a moped or scooter accident claim.

Electric scooter injuries have increased in tandem with their popularity in the United States, virtually tripling in four years, according to studies.

From 2014 to 2018, nearly 40,000 fractured bones, head injuries, cuts, and bruises caused by scooter accidents were treated in U.S. emergency departments, according to the study. The rate of scooter injuries in the general population of the United States increased from 6 per 100,000 to 19 per 100,000. The majority of injuries happened in cyclists aged 18 to 34, and the majority of wounded riders were not taken to the hospital.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, evaluated US government data on nonfatal injuries treated in emergency rooms for the study, which was published in JAMA Surgery.

According to the researchers, “improved rider safety measures and regulation” are plainly needed.

More than a dozen deaths in the United States have been linked to stand-up electric scooters in recent years, according to media reports.

Riders or pedestrians on scooters may be involved in a scooter collision. When such accidents result in injury, a scooter accident lawsuit may be filed. While an electric scooter app may advise users to wear a helmet while riding, they are not required to do so, and scooter firms do not offer helmets to riders.

According to Consumer Reports, eight people have died in scooter accidents since the fall of 2017. To improve their prospects of winning fair and full compensation in a Bird, Lime, or other electric scooter injury case, those who experience injuries at the hands of another must understand their rights in the matter.

Injured parties must know who is responsible for an accident, such as a motorist or even a scooter rider who injures a pedestrian. Because there are so many people who could be held accountable in a scooter accident case, it’s a good idea to deal with an experienced Oklahoma scooter injury lawyer.

What Happens If a Driver Causes a Scooter Collision?

Drivers who are inattentive, inebriated, or drowsy may not detect scooter riders. These acts could result in an accident, giving rise to a lawsuit against Bird, Lime, or another electric scooter company. Injured riders can file a claim with the liable party’s insurance provider before filing a lawsuit, but this varies by state.

In a fault-based state, the rider’s injuries are covered by the motorist’s insurance policy. In no-fault states, injured riders can file a claim under their own health insurance coverage.

Whether the injured individual resides in a fault-based or no-fault jurisdiction, they have the right to sue if they have suffered catastrophic injuries that exceed the negligent driver’s insurance limits, or if the incident occurred because the negligent driver was intoxicated or otherwise disobeyed the law.

If the rider died as a result of the incident in Oklahoma, you should consult an Oklahoma scooter injury lawyer and pursue legal action. If they endured mental anguish or physical pain and suffering, some accident victims contemplate pursuing a Bird, Lime, or other electric scooter accident claim.

What Happens If a Driver Injures a Scooter Rider?

Drivers who are inattentive, inebriated, or drowsy may fail to detect scooter riders, resulting in an accident and the possibility of a Bird, Lime, or other electric scooter injury lawsuit. Injured riders can file a claim with the liable party’s insurance provider before filing a lawsuit, but this varies by state.

In a fault-based state, the rider’s injuries are covered by the motorist’s insurance policy. In no-fault states, injured riders can file a claim under their own health insurance coverage.

Whether the injured individual resides in a fault-based or no-fault jurisdiction, they have the right to sue if they have suffered catastrophic injuries that exceed the negligent driver’s insurance limits, or if the incident occurred because the negligent driver was intoxicated or otherwise disobeyed the law.

If the rider died as a result of the incident, you should consult an attorney and pursue legal action. If they endured mental anguish or physical pain and suffering, some accident victims contemplate pursuing a Bird, Lime, or other electric scooter accident claim.

What Happens If a Scooter Accident Is Caused by a Defect?

Riders may receive injuries even if they ride their scooters well away from motor cars. Scooters can catch fire due to faulty batteries or abrupt brakes, endangering riders. Broken teeth, road rash, bone fractures, wounds, and burns are just a few of the traumas caused by malfunctioning devices.

Those who have been hurt as a result of a defective scooter may seek compensation from the part manufacturer or the scooter firm.

One of the most significant distinctions between scooter injuries caused by drivers and those caused by a defect is that under product liability law, the burden of proof for injuries caused by a faulty scooter is removed.

To collect a Lime scooter accident payment, victims do not need to demonstrate proof of the scooter company’s or manufacturer’s negligence. In such cases, establishing that the scooter had a flaw that caused harm is the most important goal.

Oklahoma Scooter Injury Lawyer team at Dakota Low is ready to help you today. Call 405.601.8899 to learn more about your legal rights and choices.

What Happens If a Scooter Accident Occurs Due to a Dangerous Roadway?

When going on badly maintained roads, scooter users must exercise extreme caution. Small gaps, potholes, and other road hazards that motor cars can easily navigate can be dangerous for scooters. For the sake of public safety, city administrations must repair and maintain sidewalks, bike paths, and streets.

Tort claims, which are common in most jurisdictions, allow citizens to sue government agencies for carelessness. Nonetheless, sovereign immunity may serve as a liability shield for government entities in the event of a lawsuit. Citizens who have been injured should concentrate on the negligent component of the incident and seek financial compensation through an injury lawsuit.

Regardless of the technique for pursuing legal action against a government organization, affected victims may face a shorter window for filing a lawsuit against the local government under their state’s statute of limitations. Suing the municipality may necessitate extra processes. As a result, working with a reputable and skilled legal counsel is critical.

How Can Scooter-Related Injuries Affect Pedestrians?

It is not necessary to ride a scooter in order to file a scooter accident lawsuit. Electric scooters have the advantage of being able to be left anywhere. However, that advantage could end up becoming a liability for others. Some scooter riders leave their machines laying flat on streets, sidewalks, and crossing areas, posing a risk of injury to people. Other scooter riders or cars may collide with abandoned scooters.

In Scooter Accident Lawsuits, Who Are Other Liable Parties?

Because scooter accidents might involve multiple accountable parties, it’s critical for victims to determine who is to blame for their injuries. Scooter riders may crash with pedestrians, rendering the rider liable for any injuries sustained. Pedestrians will sometimes go out of their way to induce a scooter rider to crash, making the pedestrian the guilty party.

When people are injured after tripping over abandoned scooters, the scooter company is held accountable. On the other hand, the city could be held liable for a pedestrian’s injuries. For instance, if the local authority does not clean scooters off pavements.

Business owners, like city governments, are responsible for keeping walkways and work spaces free of debris. Scooter riders may file a lawsuit against irresponsible business owners who fail to keep their premises clean of risks and mark them.

What Are the Values of Scooter Accident Lawsuits?

Calculating an average lawsuit payment is challenging due to the various variables involved in a single scooter accident. Accident settlements are determined by a number of factors, including the severity of the injury, the individual liable party, and long-term harm.

The scooter rider may be to blame for the accident, which has an impact on the compensation amount.

Injured plaintiffs in Oklahoma should work with Oklahoma Scooter Injury Lawyer to maximize their final settlement amount. In a single incident, legal advocates know what evidence to obtain, which professionals to consult, and which laws to apply.

Parties who have been harmed should concentrate on getting better. Rather of suing insurance companies or government agencies, or pursuing uncooperative private persons for recompense, we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Work with an Oklahoma Scooter Injury Lawyer

Anyone who has been injured in a scooter accident must act quickly to defend their rights and secure reasonable compensation. To speak with an experienced Oklahoma scooter injury lawyer, submit a request online or Call 405.601.8899 immediately!

Injury Prevention Associated with Scooters

Scooters, both manual and electric, are a popular mode of transportation for children of all ages. Scooters, on the other hand, can be harmful when used in congested areas or at high speeds. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, more than 81,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms were made in 2017 for injuries related to scooters (NEISS).

More than 48,000 of these were related to manual scooters. Cuts, sprains, and fractures of the wrist and elbow are common injuries. The most severe scooter-related injuries can result in brain damage.

Many scooter injuries can be avoided by following a few simple safety guidelines. Most essential, regardless of your age or experience level, you should always wear a helmet when riding a scooter to protect your head from injury.

How Does It Work?

Electric scooter rentals work in a similar fashion to bike rental schemes. Potential consumers unlock and hire a scooter using a smartphone app, then lock and depart the scooter when they are finished. Many communities frown on the lock and leave policy, which is one major source of concern when it comes to Oklahoma scooter accidents injuries.

Bird, Lime, and Spin appear to be the three companies that are having the most success in the industry. While Lime and Spin also provide bike-sharing, Bird focuses solely on electric scooter rentals.

City Ordinances and State Laws

Electric scooter rentals are a relatively new occurrence in Oklahoma, but the concept appears to have already established a growing trend in several areas. Because these scooters move at less than 20 mph, there are no state restrictions to follow in Oklahoma. As a result, individual communities must enact rules to ensure the safety of scooter riders, bikers, pedestrians, and passenger car drivers on their roads.

Police in Oklahoma City Municipal say it’s illegal to ride electric scooters on city sidewalks, according to city ordinance. Initially, police stated that operating scooters on city streets was prohibited but later emphasized that there was no ordinance prohibiting the usage of motor scooters.

However, a city regulation governing motorcycles and motor scooters requires that motor scooters be equipped with street-legal features such as mirrors, which the Bird gadgets lack.

Another ordinance makes it illegal for anybody under the age of 18 to operate or ride a motor scooter without wearing a helmet. Those who are caught in violation may face a citation and a fine.

The fines for the infractions, according to an official with the Oklahoma City Municipal Court, are $172, which includes all court charges and state-mandated fees.

Tulsa: Scooters can be ridden on the street, on the sidewalk, or in bike lanes in most parts of the city. Scooters are not allowed on sidewalks in locations with considerable foot traffic and lower speed limits, such as the Inner Dispersal Loop and business districts like Brookside and Cherry Street.

Helmets are not required by law for scooter riders or bikers in the city, but officials and companies recommend that they be worn. The companies can provide helmets to riders. If you pay for shipping, Bird will give you a free helmet. Riders who have more than $10 in their Lime account are eligible for them.

When a ride is completed, the scooter must be parked on a sidewalk and must not obstruct foot traffic.

Tulsa Traffic Code Changes for Electric Scooters: The ordinance change limits scooters to 15 mph and allows electric bicycles to go up to 28 mph, with a minimum age requirement for both.

E-Scooter in Oklahoma

  • A scooter with a motor:
  • No more than three wheels shall be in contact with the ground.
  • The rider is supported by a handlebar and a footrest or seat.
  • Speeds of more than 25 mph on level ground, electric power output of less than 1,000 watts, or engine capacity higher than 35 ccs are all requirements.
  • Who is capable of riding a scooter?
  • Because no driver’s license or insurance is necessary, anyone can ride a scooter.
  • Some jurisdictions, such as Broken Arrow, may prohibit its use on sidewalks.
  • It must be ridden in the same manner as a bicycle.
  • Cannot be driven on roads with a speed restriction of more than 25 mph.

Accidents Involving Electric Scooters

Accidents have already increased as a result of the easy and widespread availability of scooters for rent. The casual rider may not be able to handle the scooters because they travel at 15 mph. This puts them, as well as pedestrians and bicycles, in risk.

A pretty serious scooter-related injury involving a car has already been reported in Santa Monica, with the female rider suffering moderate head trauma. The following are some of the most common causes of scooter accidents:

  • Defects in Scooters
  • Brakes Have Locked Up
  • Panic subsides, and the rider is no longer thrown.
  • Scooter Control Issues
  • Error on the Ride
  • Driving Carelessly Through Intersections
  • Scooters Hit Pedestrians
  • Hazards on the Road
  • Riding in Pairs
  • Scootering by Children
  • Failure to Wear a Helmet
  • Riding on Sidewalks is a popular pastime for many people.
  • Unscrupulous Third Party
  • Scooter is less visible due to its small size.
  • Wobbling Scooter Due to Instability
  • Drivers that are inexperienced
  • Teenagers behind the wheel
  • High-Risk Activism
  • Improperly parked scooters cause trips and falls.

Potential Scooter Accidents in Oklahoma

Rental scooters are subjected to heavy use, resulting in increased wear and tear, as well as consumer abuse. Scooter rental firms do not have enough time between journeys to inspect each scooter to ensure it is still in good operating order.

This means that by the time the company realizes there is a problem, an accident has already happened. An accident involving a scooter can result in a wide range of injuries. Single-rider accident victims, on the other hand, may suffer the following injuries:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Bones are broken.
  • Concussions range from mild to severe.
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Injuries to the wrist and/or arm
  • Injuries to the ankle and/or leg
  • Injuries to the neck
  • Injuries to the back
  • Damage to the spinal cord

If you get into a collision with a car, your scooter accident injuries might be far worse, and you could even die.

Who is responsible for compensation?

It can be difficult to determine the source of compensation for electric scooter accident injuries. Scooter renters cannot rely on insurance to cover them because liability insurance is not required. Or to compensate them for their injuries, as well as any injuries they may cause on others.

Above all, if the scooter rider is injured by an uninsured motorist, they will be unable to pursue a claim against any uninsured motorist policy they may have. Obtaining compensation for any scooter-related injury boils down to who is to blame.

The following are some examples of negligence in scooter rental accidents:

Scooter Rider’s Fault: Depending on their policy, if they have one, their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover any injuries, otherwise you would have to file a personal injury case against the responsible individual.

Driver’s Fault in a Motor Vehicle: The driver’s auto insurance company may be held liable for the driver’s negligence.

If the pedestrian was at fault, their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance might pay any injuries, or you could file a personal injury case against them.

Fault of the Scooter Rental Company: If the accident was caused by a fault or defect in the equipment, the company could be held accountable for injuries and damages.

If the accident was caused by a hazard created by the business owner or someone in his employ, the business’ insurance may pay.

If the accident was caused by potholes or other road hazards or deficiencies, the city may be liable for injuries.

Dakota Low is available to assist you. Dakota Low can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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