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Reasons to Go to a Personal Injury Lawyer in 2022

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You may ask yourself: should I go to a personal injury lawyer? If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence in the past 2 years and you are trying to decide if you should pursue a claim for your injuries, you may need a personal injury lawyer to represent you. If you are unsure, here are some reasons you should go to a personal injury lawyer.

1. Create a level playing field

The insurance company and its defense lawyers have a significant edge over most people: they have more money, resources, experience, and time than most people. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side evens the playing field and shows the insurance company that you are serious about getting a fair and reasonable payment for your injuries.

2. Conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Your lawyer will look into the circumstances surrounding the accident and may be able to unearth evidence that would be difficult or impossible for you to obtain on your own.

Witness interviews will be conducted, as well as a review of all documents pertaining to your case, including your medical records and bills, witness statements, the police report, and any other accident reports.

3. Protect you from the claims adjuster going overboard.

A personal injury lawyer can help you avoid being bullied into giving a recorded statement or signing an authorization form giving the insurance company extensive access to your medical information by an aggressive claims adjuster.

4. Negotiate from a strong position.

Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators who use a variety of dubious strategies to persuade you to accept less than you deserve, such as:

These techniques will be recognized by an experienced personal injury attorney, who will not be intimidated.

5. Make a strong settlement proposal.

Even if you have a clear claim for compensation, if the adjuster can’t read and understand your settlement proposal, your claim will be put on hold. Your personal injury lawyer can prepare a brief settlement plan that clearly states your claim and is backed up by medical evidence and loss paperwork.

6. Represent you in court

If a lawsuit is necessary, an attorney who is familiar with the law, as well as the norms of process and evidence, can be a significant asset. Your personal injury attorney will be able to offer a persuasive argument in your favor to the judge or jury by framing the precise facts of your case in the most favorable light under the law.

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