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The Most Common Errors to Avoid Following a Car Accident

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It can be difficult to remain calm and collected after a car accident, but it is necessary to try. You may be harmed and fearful, furious, or sad, but you must also consider your long-term goals. You could be worried about how you’ll pay for medical treatment or automobile repairs. How will you cover your living expenses if you have to skip work?

If you make incorrect decisions after a car accident, getting the compensation you deserve to compensate for your losses will be considerably more difficult. Based on our decade of expertise as Oklahoma car accident lawyers, here are six critical mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize your compensation after an accident:

1. Not Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

It is critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible following a car collision for two reasons. First and foremost, you may have sustained serious injuries that, if not treated promptly, could develop and even prove fatal. Even if you feel good after an accident, you could be suffering from inside injuries that haven’t shown up yet, so don’t take any chances. As soon as possible, see a doctor.

Second, seeing a doctor as soon as possible shows that your injuries are serious and that you are taking every precaution feasible. Your doctor will be able to document all of your injuries as a result of the event.

Which can come in handy if you’re looking for a way to get compensated. If you don’t see a doctor after a car accident, especially if you return to work, it may appear that your injuries aren’t as serious as they appear. This can make recovering compensation for your injuries more challenging.

2. Leaving the Car Accident Setting

Leaving the scene of an car accident is at the top of the list of things not to do. You should never leave a crash scene until police and emergency medical services have arrived. If the cause of the accident is unclear, fleeing the scene may make you appear guilty and as if you have something to hide. You should also ensure that your side of the incident is documented and that the police file an accident report. Leaving the site of an accident while injured can also result in criminal penalties.

3. Accepting Responsibility

When speaking with other people involved in an accident, it’s OK to be courteous, but you should avoid expressing “I’m sorry” or anything else that could be seen as an admission of culpability. If it appears that you are to blame for the crash, it will be considerably more difficult to obtain just compensation for your losses.

4. Failure To Collect Evidence on the Spot

The evidence gathered at the scene of the accident is frequently vital to your case. Take pictures of the damage to any involved vehicles, your injuries, the area around the crash, and any other pertinent information. Make a point of getting the names and contact information of any witnesses.

5. Accepting the First Offer of Settlement

You may receive an offer for a rapid payment from the other driver’s insurance company in the days following the collision. The insurance company is aware that you are likely to have high medical bills and wants to settle the case as soon as possible. However, any offer you receive will almost certainly be insufficient to compensate you for the full degree of your losses. Never accept a settlement from an insurance company without first consulting an attorney.

6. Refusing To Hire a Car Accident Attorney

The consequences of a car accident can quickly pile up, between medical bills and other expenses. A traffic crash lawyer can assist you in filing a claim for compensation and ensuring that your claim covers the full extent of your losses. When it comes to dealing with insurance providers, a lawyer can be your advocate.

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